Your ordinary mad scientist
Scientific inaccuracies of a social stereotype

I am 21 and yes, I am a nerd. Not the stereotypical pocket protector yielding, nasally anti socialite portrayed below. Are you surprised?

I’m a normal guy. I have tons of friends and am always out socializing. I really love to cook and bake. My friends rave about it, and as much as I bitch and moan, I kind of enjoy the praise (but seriously who wouldn’t?) Working in a popular restaurant for a few years and having talented grandmothers gave me a wonderful culinary background throughout my teen years. But back to being a nerd. What qualifies someone as a nerd? Well, intelligence is probably the first thing. I’m not one to brag because truthfully I don’t think I’m a scientific genius or anything. Frankly, I’m pretty average at the college I attend. Ok, ok. Before anyone asks, I figure you should know what I’m even majoring in. I usually dislike saying it all because it sounds fancier than it really is. I finished my bachelors this spring in Biochemistry and Biophysics. I started my masters early in Biology and will be finishing this December. Oh, and I have a brain and behavior psychology minor but that’s just supplemental stuff…

So, I suppose I qualify as a nerd. I dabble in the occasional (frequent) nerdy conversation at school and play video games here or there but come on it’s college we love to procrastinate right? This generation of young adults has reshaped what it truly means to be a nerd. Now, people such as myself are proud to say it (for one thing it means we’re gonna get paid a buttload of money for something we love). The world needs more nerds so don’t be afraid to come out of hiding and show yourself! Reading this back to myself I sound pretty egotistical but I assure you it’s not my intention. I just want people to realize that a nerd doesn’t mean you’re a loser who won’t talk to a girl/guy; one who sits in his room and won’t socialize or do something with themselves.

Also, don’t believe television and movies. Not all nerds are short little white boys who get shoved into lockers throughout high school. Just sayin’.