Your ordinary mad scientist
The science of faith

Im not talking about religion. I’m talking about faith in friends, people, love, yourself…maybe as a scientist its my biggest flaw. We learn in an environment that is so devoid of faith. Everything is so analytical in the scientific community. And when shit happens to you in life you begin to lose your faith; it erodes away slowly like waves on a rocky cliff. Next thing you know, the cliff has fallen and what’s left? A sea of doubt. Without faith all you do is doubt everything..everyone…..When youre full of doubt you tend to hurt the ones you care about the most. Of course, with doubt comes regret and sorrow. So many negative emotions filling up your brain. I’m sick of doubt and regret controlling my life. It’s brought me here with a huge hole in my heart and a constant sinking feeling in my chest and stomach. I think it’s time that your ordinary mad scientist gains some faith.