Your ordinary mad scientist
Me being me.

  I am mad about science.  Because of it I’m allowed to live, breathe, and feel the world around me.  Without science, we would be nothing.  Every perceivable object is but a manifestation of atoms, the most basic unit of matter;  Combinations of varying structures that give rise to amazing things.  Countless people ignore this fact nor take the time to appreciate how complex the system is.  Instead, they dwell on a metaphysical explanation and chalk it all up to some “higher power”.


  You guys can have your religion and eat it too.  In my opinion, if you remove religion from the world, you have less fighting and complaining.  Remove science and you have utter chaos.  I’ll stick with understanding life as we know it thank you very much!  At the end of the day, I’ll feel better about myself knowing that maybe I can make a difference.  I want to study disease.  More specifically viruses:  Nano-scale particles that are non-living yet act in unison as a fine tuned evolutionary tool of destruction.  Some of these little bastards can take us down in a heartbeat while others stew and build up an attack that can take decades.  They’re too smart for their own good and I want to know why.  I figure I’m tackling two birds with one stone:  firstly, I satisfy my insatiable appetite for knowledge;  secondly, I can help people.  In my book, that’s a pretty sweet deal.  This doesn’t make me special in any way.  Everyone has their own passions, talents and dreams.  Mine is rather unique but I like it that way.  This is only a part of me albeit the most important one.   Yet at the end of the day, I’m still just your ordinary mad scientist.